Innovation Business Observatory (IBO) of Crete Region

Who we are

Innovation Business Observatory (IBO) is a permanent unit within the Region of Crete, aiming to strengthen sustainable and innovative entrepreneurship, to promote the coοperation between companies and academic & research bodies and to map the innovation ecosystem of the island of Crete.

Our Targets

  • Inform - activate entrepreneurs and researchers, support partnerships
  • Enhance and support entrepreneurship
  • Monitoring and evaluating of innovations
  • Continuous Entrepreneurial Discovery Process (EDP)
  • Help innovation and promote good practices
  • Increase business competitiveness and extroversion

Information System

Data is managed on a digital platform (IBO information system) where all the information is organized (business record, research record). Information to all interested parties is available on the portal/information hub

Basic operations:

  • Data entry by researchers and entrepreneurs
  • Information on new actions, programs & funding opportunities
  • Monitoring innovation development and implementation
  • Statistics and analysis reports
  • Case studies within the framework of RIS3Crete
  • Search for partnerships